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Swim to Fly ® is a revolutionary proven step by step swimming method to LEARN HOW TO SWIM PROPERLY IN 1 LESSON*
Our Swimtofly swimming lessons or online school program are suitable for kids & adults > beginners to champions (all levels)
*** See results within 30 minutes class ***
Easy - Safe - Fast - Effective

Learn to swim today with the best swimming teachers & expert instructors in Singapore! is a online "learn to swim" platform on internet to:

Learn to swim in one lesson 

Learn to teach to how to swim to your child, children or students (for Parents or Swim Instructors)

Become a better swimmer from any ages and any levels by following our simple tips & step by step method (for Toddler, infant, kids, teenager, adult, senior, beginner, advance, Aqua phobia, casual & Competitive swimmers....)


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Swim to Fly® is a proven step-by-step swimming method that is developed from a revolutionary mind concept: Swimming is like Flying!

The method is designed to accelerate the students’ progress and to achieve results within a short period of time. It focuses on the sensation of gliding and the intention of "swimming safely, independently and relaxed with effective actions and results". Read more about Swim to Fly® here

You are interested in becoming a certified Swim to Fly® Instructor to learn how to teach swimming using our revolutionary method?

Send us your resume and motivation letter today to get in touch with us regarding our Swim to Fly® internal training program for instructors.