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Swim to Fly ® is a revolutionary proven step by step swimming method to LEARN HOW TO SWIM PROPERLY IN 1 LESSON*
Our Swimtofly swimming lessons or online school program are suitable for kids & adults > beginners to champions (all levels)
*** See results within 30 minutes class ***
Easy - Safe - Fast - Effective

Learn to swim today with the best swimming teachers & expert instructors in Singapore! is a online "learn to swim" platform on internet to:

Learn to swim in one lesson 

Learn to teach to how to swim to your child, children or students (for Parents or Swim Instructors)

Become a better swimmer from any ages and any levels by following our simple tips & step by step method (for Toddler, infant, kids, teenager, adult, senior, beginner, advance, Aqua phobia, casual & Competitive swimmers....)


Learn to Swim Confident & Water Safe

Do you want yourself or your children to become Water Safe? (being able to swim 100% comfortably in your swimming pool or in the sea, being confident to swim short or long distances at a shallow or deep environment, being able to dive, jump, swim in every direction without stress and with absolute control of your actions) Swimtofly® is able to help you reach this goal in just 3 simple steps.

Learning the basics to swim Confident & Water Safe is actually simple and easy if you know the right way of building the essential skills.
The Swimtofly® method is specially designed to teach you how to develop those skills by simply following our 3 step program.

Before starting, remember that the most important key is to always feel relaxed, safe, comfortable, confident and in trust (with the environment and/or the instructor). Take it easy and try to feel and enjoy the real sensation of swimming (imagine it's a little like you can fly in the water). Practice and master each step presented below in the correct order and follow your own rhythm to build your new skills step after step. 

Do not stress. Learning how to swim should always be EASY, FUN and SIMPLE :)

 Get started & Download our app today!

The Method pack offers:

  • Basic skills to develop

  • Step by step program

  • Evaluation test

  • Online training

  • Essential tips

  • Full method access