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Swim to Fly ® is a revolutionary proven step by step swimming method to LEARN HOW TO SWIM PROPERLY IN 1 LESSON*
Our Swimtofly swimming lessons or online school program are suitable for kids & adults > beginners to champions (all levels)
*** See results within 30 minutes class ***
Easy - Safe - Fast - Effective

Learn to swim today with the best swimming teachers & expert instructors in Singapore! is a online "learn to swim" platform on internet to:

Learn to swim in one lesson 

Learn to teach to how to swim to your child, children or students (for Parents or Swim Instructors)

Become a better swimmer from any ages and any levels by following our simple tips & step by step method (for Toddler, infant, kids, teenager, adult, senior, beginner, advance, Aqua phobia, casual & Competitive swimmers....)

*Download Method PACK*

Learn to Swim in 3 steps * BUTTERFLY PACK


Learn to Swim in 3 steps * BUTTERFLY PACK

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Our Swim to Fly® method PACK grants you FULL access to all materials required to 'Learn to Swim Butterfly' in one lesson of 3 simple steps. 

Special Introductory Offer at 25% off!  

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5. Disclaimers:

i        All method PACK(S) downloaded from the Product purchase must be practiced and trained at shallow pool first with compulsory safe swimmer adult/lifeguard supervision for safety purposes.

ii       All Swim to Fly® method PACK(S) / Products are meant for learners to achieve basic swimming skills.

iii      Elite Coach Pte. Ltd. And Swim to Fly® will not be held responsible or liable for any accidents, mishaps during any use or misuse of the method.