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Swim to Fly ® is a revolutionary proven step by step swimming method to LEARN HOW TO SWIM PROPERLY IN 1 LESSON*
Our Swimtofly swimming lessons or online school program are suitable for kids & adults > beginners to champions (all levels)
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Easy - Safe - Fast - Effective

Learn to swim today with the best swimming teachers & expert instructors in Singapore! is a online "learn to swim" platform on internet to:

Learn to swim in one lesson 

Learn to teach to how to swim to your child, children or students (for Parents or Swim Instructors)

Become a better swimmer from any ages and any levels by following our simple tips & step by step method (for Toddler, infant, kids, teenager, adult, senior, beginner, advance, Aqua phobia, casual & Competitive swimmers....)

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SwimtoFly® is a revolutionary proven method to learn to swim and to learn to teach swimming using the concept of flying in the water
We have over 23M views on our media and more than 150k subscribers worldwide

Swim with confidence any strokes in 3 steps
(Water safety, Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly, Breaststroke, Open Water Triathlon…)

We provide swim lessons for beginners to advanced swimmers and we help parents & swim teachers improve their teaching skills

Our Master Swim teachers are based in Singapore
We offer offline and online private swim lessons for kids & adults

92% of our students learned to swim with our online program

Our proven program is easy, fast, effective and guarantee immediate results to swim better and faster
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SwimtoFly app includes:  Complete skills to develop, Step by step program, Progress records, All tutorial videos, Evaluation test, Online training, Essential tips, What to avoid, Quiz & Full method access

Our method can enables beginner swimmers to become confident in the water & improve any strokes 2x to 5x faster than other programs
Welcome to the SwimtoFly® experience!

Our mission is to help anyone all over the world (kids or adults) learn to swim & fly with a simple 3-step method and help teachers, institutions or parents teach swimming using this method

Our vision is to develop SwimtoFly® to become the #1 method to learn how to swim globally like PADI has done in Scuba diving

  • Request your swim lesson with the best teachers and expert swimming instructors

  • Download SwimtoFly App on your mobile to follow our program and become a better swimmer today

  • Watch our videos on SwimtoFly Youtube channel to see our results is a new online swim school platform to:

  1. Learn to swim properly any strokes in 3 simple steps

  2. Learn to teach to your child how to swim safely & correctly (for Parents)

  3. Improve your teaching skills (for Swim Instructors)

  4. Become a better swimmer from any age and any level by following our simple tips & step by step method (for toddlers, kids, teenagers, adults, seniors, beginners, intermediate, advanced, aqua phobia, casual & competitive swimmers....)

LEARN TO SWIM: Water Safe | Freestyle | Backstroke | Butterfly | Breaststroke

A method to learn how to swim any strokes in one lesson of 3 simple steps:

  • Learn to swim Confident & become Water Safe in one lesson of 3 simple steps (from 2.5 years old)

  • Learn to swim Freestyle / Front Crawl in one lesson of 3 simple steps (from 3.5 years old)

  • Learn to swim Backstroke, Butterfly & Breaststroke in one lesson of 3 simple steps (from 4.5 years old)

Request your swimming lessons in your home or private condominium with our expert coaches

Our Certified Swimming Coaches offers premium swimming lessons in several locations and private condominiums in Singapore. All our SwimtoFly® instructors follows the exact and effective SwimtoFly® method. They provide private swimming lessons in 1 to 1 class or in small groups. Our main teaching locations are: Novena, Orchard, Bukit Timah, Serangoon, Sentosa, Farrer Road and River Valley. Request your trial class today with the best swimming coaches in Singapore!

Prepare your next swimming event, triathlon or competition with us

Improve all strokes, build your stamina and endurance, reduce your effort while swimming, learn how to swim in a relaxed manner, learn how to swim faster and longer with proper stable swim technique, or prepare your next swimming goal competition with us (Triathlon, Ironman etc...). We are also offering training courses for water life saving skills, rescue introduction and first aid attitude facing a person in stress in deep pool (how to react, what to do, how to help, what to avoid...). Our Certified Personal Trainers from Elite Coach are also offering Fitness Personal training Session in Singapore (Weight loss, Nutrition tips, Muscles toning, Cardio, Fat Burning, Stretching, Core reinforcement, Rehab or Well being, Aqua fitness & aquagym group lesson...)

Swim to Fly® Concept

Swim to Fly® program is a unique water skill & life experience that is developed from a revolutionary mind concept: Swimming is like Flying!
The method is created with very specific step by step order, prioritizing in learning the basic skills first. The method is designed to accelerate the students progress and to achieve results within a short period of time. The method is focused on the sensation of gliding and the intention of "swimming safely, independently and relaxed with effective actions and results".

Our Mission: SwimtoFly’s mission is to help students to learn to swim all over the world with a simple 3 steps program & to help swim coaches or parents to use this method for their teaching. One of the main objective of Swim to Fly® is to get the best results by achieving long term swimming skills through the use of a simple, easy & fast step by step program while minimizing the amount of time spent to learn. Swim to Fly® is a complete method and program to 'learn and teach how to swim properly'. The method is suitable for all students (kids or adults) of any level of their swimming ability (beginners to champions). 
The Swim to Fly® method uses video tutorials, practical swimming training, theory instructions, skill observations and auto evaluation with a simple step by step scheme to follow.

  1. This method is specially customized to 'learn how to swim' any stroke within 3 simple steps (Learn to swim Confident and become Water safe in 3 steps / Learn to swim Freestyle / Front Crawl in 3 steps / Learn to swim Backstrokes in 3 steps / Learn to swim Butterfly in 3 steps / Learn to swim Breaststroke in 3 steps)

  2. Each step follows a simple pyramidal skills progression, according to the priority need of the student who wants to learn how to swim properly (the method encompasses emotional, psycho-motor and mental representation of each student to develop a new mind learning concept where you can feel that the swimming sensation is similar to the experience of flying)

Our Vision: Develop SwimtoFly® to become the #1 method to learn how to swim globally like PADI has done in Scuba diving. We believe that every child, parent or person should be able to swim confidently and safely in deep water without stress, in any situation. Being able to swim is a life skill, a healthy sport activity and an incredible experience of sensation and learning process about yourself. Swimming is like Flying! Swimming is freedom! Our learn to swim program is also developed to consider your health, safety and well being. Another part of our program is to increase the performance level of each swimmer by helping them to feel and understand the real intention and sensation of swimming. 

What is Swim to Fly ®?

Swim to Fly® is a complete “learn how to swim” method including swimming classes, videos and teaching explication specially designed for:

  • any Parent wanting to teach how to SWIM SAFELY & CONFIDENTLY to their own child (from 2.5 years old)

  • any Student willing to learn how to SWIM FAST, RELAXED and EFFECTIVE (from any age)

  • any Instructor in the swimming industry willing to improve their teaching skills using the unique Swim to Fly® Methodology & Concept

This swimming school concept was created and designed by Christian Anseaume to:

  • Teach and learn how to swim Safely, Confidently & Independently from 2.5 years old > Swim to Fly Safe™

  • Teach and learn how to swim Front Crawl / Freestyle from the age of 3 > Swim to Fly Freestyle™

  • Teach and learn how to master all others strokes (Backstroke – Butterfly – Breaststroke) from 5 years old > Swim to Fly Champions™

This is a revolutionary worldwide swimming teaching method that delivers maximum results with minimal time. This unique swimming method is effective for people of all ages, from young age through to seniors. Participants will first learn how to swim safely (from 2.5 years old), followed by learning how to swim front crawl / freestyle. And finally they learn all other strokes. Many have become some of the top 10% competitors at the age level of 5 years old.

Swim to Fly ® is a unique method that incorporates a student’s emotional, psychological and psychomotor skills using a simple visualization methodology to transform intention and effort into the experience of flying

A carefully designed step by step teaching method to enable a child to swim totally relaxed and safely in water in just 3 simple steps. It works for children from the age of 2.5 years old. It also works for students of any age who are not able to swim yet. It makes use of specialized supporting swimming equipments  (paddle/fins/sinking board/special neoprene/mask) suited to specific levels and exercises.

A revolutionary freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke teaching concept incorporating a specific order of proficiencies to develop effortless swimmers. This method provides a simple step by step protocol to build and correct an effective swim technique for kids and adult within one lesson.


Origin of Swim to Fly®

For over 15 years, Christian Anseaume has been teaching, observing, analyzing the behaviour of students of all ages, at different levels of competence, background, and community. Through this experience he began to understand that how you think and what you imagine when you swim directly impacts your ability to improve and make progress in swimming ability.

He realized that many coaches are using many different methods joined together from their own individual experiences, certifications, degrees, and cultures. He also observed that no one had developed a globally recognized step by step basic, complete, universal and ultra effective method setting out exact instructions for what to do, how to do it, in what order, with full explanations as to how and why each step works and leads to progression of the next step.

Seeing the need, he set out to develop a universal method adaptable and effective for any student using mental imagery and representations to focus the mind to achieve defined goals and instruction targets.

To swim well, one must:

  • Be able to swim relaxed and safely

  • Be able to swim properly and effectively by feeling and understanding the purpose of every action

  • Be able to swim fast while requiring minimal use of energy of the perfected technique

To achieve this, he created mental and physical instructions for students to feel and imagine that SWIMMING IS LIKE FLYING, recognizing that the movement through water is like flying through the sky. He created imagery and lessons based on this appropriate to a child’s imagination and experience that helps them to relax effortlessly and to stretch into the water as if flying through the air. Through this, he found that the children moved through the learning stages more quickly and with greater confidence than before.

See our results live below!

                 Water Safe at 3 Years old                                  Front Crawl at 4 Years old                             Master all strokes from 5 Years old

Since the age of 18, Christian has studied and taught in the French education system. He has taught primarily at the primary and secondary school levels, but also at the national competitive and handicapped levels where swimmers are of various nationalities. In particularly, he has focused on the swimming education, as that is his main interest and passion. He graduated from STAPS French Sport University in France in 2000, became a Certified State French National Swim teacher in 2003, graduated 1st Rank in his university for his Master’s Degree in Sport Education and Motricity in 2004, and was certified as a top 100 PE teachers in France in 2005.

Building on an outstanding career in the French national education system, as an instructor and motivational speaker, and combining his passion for teaching and swimming, he moved to Singapore in 2011 to launch his own swim school for private clients ( &

Throughout his career, he observed that there are many different methods to teach swimming, many different ways to learn, and much discussions and debates between teachers, coaches and parents from different countries and backgrounds with different intentions and goals. His entire professional career was focused on how to teach swimming effectively and with success. He trained the highest levels of competitive athletes, such as French National Champion in Triathlon. He personally trained to compete in the IRONMAN triathlon competition as well. Through these experiences and recognizing the large gap in professional swimming instructions, he set out to create a simple, effective, formalized approach incorporating psychology, technical, training techniques to teach children of all ages to begin to swim and to progress to swim well.

Since moving to Singapore he has already worked with more than 2,000 clients. He came to understand parents’ concerns with safety, injury, and drowning and therefore he further refined his approach to define stage one of his swimming method, focusing on safety. He defined “SAFETY” as the core foundation of the system. His definition of “SAFETY” carries through the beginning, novice, competent and advanced stages. All parents want to ensure safety at every stage of growing up around pools or in the ocean.

In less than 3 years, Christian quickly became well known for the fast and effective results he was able to achieve with children’s swimming. He effectively taught many children of varying levels, all from different countries within a short span of time. His goal was to teach 'how to swim' effectively by incorporating games and relaxation exercises which induces fun and entertainment for the students. 

During his free time, he created the instruction system called Swim to Fly. It teaches children from age 2 to swim safely and in a relaxed manner. He has a proven track record of helping children overcome aqua phobia many times. The method has 3 main steps per module which incorporate psychomotor skills with children’s physical development. Through his instructions, most children can swim at least 15 meters safely in a relaxed manner, in deep water, at the age of 3 years old. The method is 100% effective with adults as well.

The first level is to "Become water safe". The method transforms the child/student's mentality, helps to release fear, allowing them to learn to enjoy the water, have fun, and equate movement in water to flying in the sky. A feeling of well-being and harmony takes over in the pool. It stays with the child/student like a habit, similar to learning how to ride a bike for the first time. When they feel safe enough and are left alone for the first time, or realizing they can float and slide on the surface and not sink downwards to the bottom of the pool, the transformation in their minds are instant. The confidence – in flying, in swimming, in being safe, in the teacher – takes over, and all the children's learning progress will start to improve at an amazing speed.

Again and again, he saw the amazement in the child/student's eyes, laughter and smile on their faces, and a sense of wanting to do more and achieve an even higher levels of skills. Every parent in the world should experience this moment when their child realizes that "I CAN FLY". And every child should have the chance to feel this sensation about swimming.

Meanwhile, Christian further observed that many children despite being entirely safe and confident in the water, they struggled to improve their swimming abilities. Most have poorly formed, unstable, and ineffective technique in all of their strokes. They never learned to slide, glide and feel properly through the water the sensation of swimming with the real intention of swimming. They never learned the essence of what constitutes magical swimming.

Christian Anseaume: “Being Water Safe is the ability to stay 100% relaxed in deep water, diving, breathing and controlling effectively any action to move in any direction for a period of time long enough to swim 20 to 50 meters under normal swimming conditions”

Christian Anseaume: “To be a 100% Effective Swimmer is to have the ability to feel, understand and control any action in the water to relax, and slide in the water with maximum speed and minimum effort using perfected stable technique. To be 100% aware of your movements and be able to adapt and adjust them under any conditions, relaxed and without fear, is swimming like flying”

Once the swimmer is "Water Safe" (from 2.5 years old) it is time to teach a unique core technique and stroke that emphasizes and develops the ability to slide easily through the water for the Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly, Breaststroke

  • Swim to Fly® Front Crawl / Freestyle in 3 simple Steps (from 3 years old)

  • Swim to Fly® Backstroke in 3 Simple Steps (from 4 Years Old)

  • Swim to Fly® Butterfly in 3 Simple Steps (from 5 Years Old)

  • Swim to Fly® Breaststroke in 3 Simple Steps (from 5 Years Old)

It is very important to follow the order of those skills and steps in order to take into account the student's swimming process to learn how to swim correctly.

How does the method work?

Christian Anseaume, developed a complete and easy method to follow, using video demonstration, tips explanation and theory support for each simple step and varying level of the students. It is a little like the most incredible worldwide swimming school online. His method is adapted for students of any level with any background. A full range of teaching tips are also explained to make sure the student get fast and stable improvement. Different explanations regarding the student’s usual mental representation is also provided to help you understand how the students are usually thinking. This method uses a lot of simple mental imagination process to make sense of every action. This method combines music, singing, animals imagination, magic representation and other simple actions to make sense of the sequence and to imprint in the mind of the students a long term learning improvement process. This method places the trust and pleasure as the top priority to learn fast and well with amazing improvement. It is almost like a unique and extraordinary artistic activity. This method uses a very simple pyramidal skill construction. Detailed step-by-step explanation is provided to ensure that you learn/teach the right skills at the right time, so that you attain the essential skills needed to build a strong foundation before the learning of additional skills. The transformation on the student is impactful and they will remember the skills for a long period of time as the method uses a lot of repetition, practiced with short distances at the beginning to ensure each repetition of skills is executed properly.

Before learning or teaching how to swim, always ask yourself the following questions:

What do you observe from the students before you apply the method? (Student's current level, general skills, head/legs/arms amplitude, frequency, rhythm, breath, emotional feelings and intention, information, balance, endurance)

What is the student's mind representation?

What do we want to teach? (what is next the skills to learn?)

What is their general skills, head/legs/arms amplitude, frequency, rhythm, breath, emotional feelings and intention, information, balance, endurance?

What to do for this / How to make this happen?

How to do and in which exercise order? (Method + priority choices + teacher tips)

What is our main intention and Why (explain the goal and the reason of our choices)

What to Avoid and Why?

Why do we always need to ask the students questions? (Mental representation and commitment)

Why repeat until the steps are perfectly executed? (Become a reflex, part of the muscle and body memory, a format for perfected skills on our PYRAMIDAL System)

How to reward the student and encourage them? 

How to maintain their attention span and create a pleasurable learning environment?

When to move on to the next step?

This is the reason why the Online Teaching & Training Swim to Fly® Method uses a full complete range of video demonstrations and tutorials for every single exercise and step, with students in real situations to help you to correctly achieve each step and skill. 

This Online Teaching Method includes the video package below:

  • Video demonstration in real situation for every step and exercise (entire Swim to Fly® Method)

  • Video before/after the benefits of the method

  • Video showing the usual students level/behavior before the method for each step

  • Video tutorial on how to run a class/how to teach

  • Video tutorial how to put goggles on for babies or children who are afraid

  • Video on how to bring some fun and good energy in a swimming class

  • Video on how to build the trust

  • Video on how to build the perfect technique

  • Video on how to evaluate and validate each step

  • Video with song and music to use during a kids beginner class

+ Skype Video Conference and Email Exchange

Example of what the Swim to Fly® method avoids

  • Scaring a student and pushing them too strongly to where they are terrified to go (We prefer to show them the way to relax, to understand how to control their emotions and slowly remove their fear step by step)

  • Teach how to swim by keeping the head on the surface all the time (it’s one of the worst ways to learn how to swim safely since swimming safe = being able to relax 100% underwater, dive, control his breathing with bubbles and feel totally comfortable. Struggling in the water to keep the head up no matter what is a terrible, dangerous, inefficient and exhausting way to learn)

  • We avoid promoting Breaststroke as the first stroke to learn (for children or adults) as it is the most complex technique regarding the rhythm, symmetry and timing of the movements. Learning Breaststroke first is more complex for children to understand and may create wrong habits as compared to Freestyle/Front Crawl where it is a simple continuity and regular movement motion.

  • Freestyle/Front Crawl is a motion easily recognisable for children as the movement is similar to when they start to crawl on their hands when they were babies.

  • Often the technique that people learn about Breaststroke is to use their legs to propel themselves to the surface, which is completely incorrect as the leg movement is supposed to propel the swimmer to glide forward.

  • We avoid allowing students to swim long distances or repeat wrong movements with bad techniques without giving them feedback to correct it. So many swimming clubs or lessons simply focus on asking the student to swim long distance laps continually even when their technique is incorrect. The worst is to allow an incorrect swimming habit to develop as it will be very difficult to correct in the future.

  • We avoid skipping skills by jumping to the next step too fast. Building every step at the same time is too complex and will be too much information for the student to handle. As such, we choose the simplest and most efficient way to follow our method step by step so as to achieve the most optimal results.

  • We avoid asking our student to do any action without explaining the intention behind it. We believe that copying a movement without understanding the intention behind it is mechanical and is the wrong way to feel and learn the actual intention of swimming.

  • We avoid using a large floating board on the front of the student while learning to avoid developing the bad habit of pushing the board down into the water instead of gliding forward with the board. We prefer to place a light board in their hands as this prevents the student from pushing the board down. Instead, it forces them to keep their hands on the surface.

  • We avoid teaching 'How to become Water Safe' by using several floats to support the student as they will not be able to feel that our bodies can float naturally in the water. If the student uses the floats too frequently, it will become a very long process to remove the reliance on the floats. From the beginning of the class, we do not use any floats to teach 'How to become Water Safe'. Instead, we prioritize on first developing the teacher and student trust relationship and/or practice the skills needed at the shallow side of the pool first. By over-relying on floats, it will give the wrong representation to the student, thereby allowing very bad habits to form on learning how to swim safely in a correct manner. Floats are only good and recommended when the student is alone and are unable to be under constant adult supervision or teaching.

  • We avoid prioritizing the achievement of intensity of the swimming stroke (the speed of the moving arms in water within a certain time). We prefer to build the stroke with proper amplitude and technique for the arms to move, starting from beginners so as to help them achieve a correct technique. This will avoid developing fast but inappropriate frequency of the swimming stroke without relaxing and with insufficient amplitude stroke. This is the reason why we also promote learning the Flying Freestyle first (One hand after the other, with fingers touching on the surface of the water to allow the student to learn the correct way of the slide and amplitude. With better amplitude and better sliding, it will enable student to feel more confident and eventually execute the Freestyle/Front Crawl technique more easily).

  • We avoid teaching students to learn how to breathe at the 2nd stroke of the Freestyle/Front Crawl technique. Bad habits and improper skills to breathe correctly on both sides may easily develop as it will feel rather unbalanced for a student, especially at a beginner level while learning the stroke.